Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Not Destination Happy. I'm Journey Happy.

I recently watched "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition," and I heard a woman make this comment. She said, "I'm not destination happy. I'm journey happy." 

She went on to explain that she had learned that her life, her happiness, was all going on right now, in the moment. She realized that it was silly to put off her happiness until she lost the right amount of weight, or had the right job, or met the right person. Her happiness was right there for her in every single moment. 

I have thought about this for a while now, and I really understand what she is saying. Happiness is not something handed to you upon arrival somewhere. Happiness is the gift you bring wherever you go. 

I have goals. I want to lose more weight, get stronger, run faster, find a more rewarding career, finish writing my play, run my marathon, and build a stronger relationship with my husband. But completing any and all of those things won't make me happy. I think it's the opposite, really. When I am happy with myself, with who I am and what I am doing, it's easier for me to attain my goals. I have more confidence in who I am, more energy to do the work required, and more satisfaction each step of the way. 

I am journey happy. Right here, right now. And that makes the destination that much more enjoyable. 


Edited to add: I posted this pic on Facebook right after my workout, and I captioned it, "Captain Crazy Hair." A friend of mine replied, "with great cuteness comes great responsibility." I LOVE IT! 

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