Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Spartan 8 Mile Obstacle Race

Saturday morning, I competed in the Super Spartan. It's an 8 mile obstacle race with all kinds of annoying ways to work your body. And what can I say? The race was everything I hoped for and more. And I feel like a rock star for running and finishing it!

Up at 5:30am. 44 degrees and raining. Hard. Yikes. Drove the hour and a half north to Temecula. More rain, and the temperature dropped down to 40. Arrived at the race site and thought, "what have I signed myself up for?!"

Our heat went off at 10am. And then we "enjoyed":

* A quick run along the lake

* A jump over the fire wall

* A blast from a fire hose and a dash through the cold water

* A couple of miles of crazy hills

* Serious, straight-up hill climbing

* An "Over, Under, Through" Wall

* A balance beam

* A muddy crawl under barbed wire

* More crazy hills

* An 8 foot wall

* A mad dash down the hill to the main area below

* Spear tossing into a target

* A cargo net climb

* A traversing wall

* Back up the mountain for more hills to climb

* And running along the backside of the lake

* And the downhills were steep

* More running on the back hills

* A 50 yard, tarp covered mud, rock and gravel crawl

* Dash back down the hill to the main area below

* Dead-weight lift

* Water bucket carry and tire obstacle

* Water obstacle

* Mental challenge with Rubik's Cube

* Slick mud wall

* Spartan fighters at the end

* A total of 8 miles of running

And all throughout, we had changing weather... rain, icy winds, then later, sunshine. It felt like a little bit of everything weather wise, and I loved it!

It was an amazing adventure and we will definitely run it again next year.

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