Thursday, December 9, 2010

Starting Over? No, you're not.

I keep reading people posting that they are upset because they are starting over. Maybe they lost a few pounds before and gained it back, or they started strong but have lost their motivation and stalled. 

I've been thinking about it, though, and I think they are all wrong when they say, "I'm starting over." I don't think that's true at all. I'll explain. 

As an example, imagine that someone said that you had to go back to high school and repeat all of those courses. Yes, you would be sitting in the same rooms and hearing the same lectures and taking the same tests, but YOU would definitely not be the same person you were back then. Your maturity and life's experiences would completely alter the experience. 

Or what if you had to take your drivers license road test again? Sure, you have to do all the same things as the first time you took the test, but your confidence and experience would make the whole thing much easier. 

It's the same with your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You are not the person you were in the past. You have suffered setbacks and enjoyed successes, all of which helped you grow and mature and become the different person you are right this moment. 

So don't beat yourself up with the, "oh, look, I'm starting over again and don't think I can do it." Because while it may have been something the old you could not stick with, the NEW you is stronger, smarter, wiser, and better equipped for the challenge. 

You can do it. The person you are right now, right this very moment, can do it. So stop looking backwards and focus all the energy on the path ahead of you. 


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