Saturday, June 26, 2010

I gained a pound?! Oh, my gosh! AAAaaaaahahhhhh!

I weighed myself this morning, as I am doing every morning during my 30 Day Challenge, and I discovered I gained a pound from yesterday. I went from 207 to 208. Yes, despite being perfect with workouts and eating, my weight increased.

So what? It doesn't mean anything. I'm still focused on my challenge, still working out the same each day, and still making healthy food choices. Gaining a pound in one day means absolutely nothing, and it certainly has no impact on my actions or attitude.

Why am I blogging about it, then? Because this 30 Day Challenge is about more than losing weight. It is about reestablishing my confidence in my ability to make a plan and see it through. I know that sometimes, with any plan, there are setbacks. There are unexpected obstacles. There are moments where quitting seems the thing to do. And it's okay to feel like quitting. But it is not okay to actually quit.

So I am capturing every moment of this challenge, the highs and the lows, as a reminder to my future self that I can do any damn thing I put my mind to.

Go me!


  1. Psst - You can also stop weighing yourself every day. At first it's exciting because of that initial easy weight loss. Continuing to track it daily can become discouraging when you inevitably plateau, even for a short time. One thing I have learned from many attempts to drop weight is that the body doesn't lose weight like a straight line on a graph. It never happens that way.

    You are doing great John. Don't let anything discourage you. Nothing. If the scale gets discouraging, stop looking at it for a week and focus on what you're doing. Double down on your efforts, put the blinders on, and keep moving. I am so inspired by what you are doing here. Just joined the local gym myself and will be starting my own long term program very soon.

    Again, good on ya bro!

  2. Thanks for the advice, and after this challenge, I will go back to weighing myself just once a week. But it's helpful for me to document the ups and downs of my weight right now. The daily results of this month will be a tool for me later. If down the road my weight jumps a bit, I can look back at this 30 Day Challenge and remind myself, "see, it happens, and it's no big deal."

    So this whole thing is off the "healthy plan for a lifetime" scale, I know. But there's a method to my madness.


  3. Great attitude! I agree with the above comment on not weighing yourself daily. Once a week is enough to track your progress. Daily will only cause heartache, frustration, and discouragement. Trust me, I know from experience. Congrats on taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle and making good choices like diet and exercise. Kudo's to you!
    Ever thought of dancing for exercise? Yep, even guys can do it and its fun! You could even try it with your wife and kids for an entire family activity. Plus it gets the heart pumping like you wouldn't believe. Below is my blog for more info and links to a great routine!

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  4. Go get 'em John. As long as you have a good plan, you're all set. I'm going to recommend Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art" to you again. It's not just about art. It's about doing anything. Here's a link:

  5. You know, they say that if you want to develop a good habit you only need to do something every day for two weeks straight. So, as I see it, your initial goal need only be the first 14 days. The rest is downhill. You can do it! In the immortal words of that classic little engine, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" Puff, puff, puff!

  6. Again, folks, I am NOT going to be weighing myself every day going forward. But right now, it's important that I SEE the ups and downs and learn to trust that they are all a part of the process.

    And yes, I love being worried about. :)

  7. John, just a reminder on the daily weighing...being fully hydrated can add the pound, as well as the muscle building that you are doing. It's about the belt notch more than the scale.