Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hate Crimes - Gay Men and Meth

The gay community is under attack. But this time, we're our own worst enemies.
Maximum speed: Crystal meth's gay grasp

Crystal Meth has long circulated in a subculture of our community, especially where gay men congregate.

The drug commonly referred to as “Tina” has become so readily available that gay men from all ethnicities and economic backgrounds are lured by its sexual power and tempting highs. But the addiction ruins lives and continues to spread through night clubs, bath houses and at social gatherings.

And more information is available at Life or Meth, a website focused exclusively on the impact cystal meth is having on the gay community. The statistics are staggering and the impact is immeasurable.

The cycle is short and vicious. Someone tries crystal meth, enjoys the rush, and wants more. Worse, the person is no longer concerned with their own personal safety. Safer sexual practices are abandoned and a lifetime of being careful and protecting oneself disappears in the heat of a moment. And just like that, a man once smart and wise is now an addicted tweaker with STD, most likely including HIV.

It's heartbreaking to see and hear everything that is going on with this. There are too many smart people making stupid decisions, and once they begin the slide, it's quick and it's horrifying. Crystal meth will take everything you have. It will strip you of your pride, dignity and every dream you ever had. It will leave you desperate, broken, so fixated on one more rush that you will literally do anything to get it.

Meth is not cool. It's not a party. It's just a drug that breaks hearts and destroys lives.

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