Friday, October 9, 2009

Yet Another Reason I Love My Friends... and Facebook

John Hulsey likes this President. Really, I do. And a Nobel Prize in the future fits with my perception of him and his passion. But now? Already? Um... no, I'm not seeing it.

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Jeremy Ward John...ummm....your intellectual honesty is showing again.

John Hulsey Ironic that the Peace Prize will fuel the war between the Far Left ("he deserves it! he has done more than anyone ever!") and the Far Right ("he's the worst Prez ever! Communist!).

Tomarra Wagoner i obviously must go read the news today...i`m behind!

Jeremy Ward Another good point John.

John Hulsey That's two, JW. I'm fresh out for the day. :p

Chuck Little I order to win, he would have had to be nominated in something like late January-February time frame.....Did I miss something? I'm with you John, I just don't see it at this point in his Presidency.

John Hulsey And am I the only enjoying the contrast - Obama wins a Nobel Peace Prize the same day the US bombs the moon?

John Hulsey Yeah, I read that about the nomination time frame. The voting is more recent, though. Still, too soon for this.

Jeremy Ward Nominations were due Feb. 1 but the voting was a lot more recent.

Cj Redden-Liotta I think that people forget that the Prize is not only to recognize past achievement, but to enable future success.

Window Dressing It's obvious that the prize no longer has to do with accomplishment.

John Hulsey CJ, I understand that, but I think the Presidency itself empowers far more potential than this award. Moreso, by honoring "could be" recipients, I think it diminishes the value of the award.

Anthony Muhlenkamp I'd like to offer him my congratulations. That and 20 bucks will get him a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Andrea Cummins Unless he's completely full of crap -- sounds lke Obama is just as surprised and feels as unworthy as the rest of... "'I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures that have been honored by this prize,' Obama said."

John Hulsey I think that was sincere, Andrea. He has to be as surprised as the rest of us.

Jeremy Ward This is by far the best discussion on this topic I have seen thus far, including all discussions on the various news outlets. Strangely encouraging, though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

John Hulsey Thanks, JW. My left, right and center friends are all rational, sensible types. Makes the chat worthwhile.

Tomarra Wagoner ok imonna say i think it`s finearoonie that he got it. The criteria: 1) the person who has done the most or best to promote fraternity among nations 2) who has abolished or reduced standing armies 3) has help peace congresses.

Yep, i`m cool with him getting an award for that cause he`s done all that.

Besides this award almost always gets debated if it went to the right person. Gandhi & Mother Therese caused a big ol stir too! ;)

John Hulsey T, I think you and I just disagree with the "done" and "doing."

Jeremy Ward And again, thank you John for making a good point. You're now over your limit, by the way. ;-)

John Hulsey No worries, JW. I'm borrowing tomorrow's. And Sunday's. Look for a weekend of silliness.

Tomarra Wagoner "held peace congresses" sorry :)

it`s just people getting twisted bout who an award goes to is a lil wierd to me...dontcha think it sorta carries the smell of a Kanye impropriety?

Tomarra Wagoner plus all awards if this ilk are subjective to the voters mindset...there`s really no way to quantify "the best" winner as people will always vote their feelings as to who is "best". And we all know that each of us is jampacked with completly opposite feelings on a myriad of topics

Jeremy Ward I don't remember seeing anyone take the microphone away from Obama during his acceptance speech this morning...

Todd Rudat Henry Louis Gates Jr. & Sgt. Crowley...beers at the White House! Come on...He brought BEER back into the Peace Process. We all know that historically successful diplomacy has involved Henry Clay bringing along some of Kentucky's "product" to the negotiations at Ghent to end the war of 1812. Got favorable terms in that deal despite the Brits basically giving us a beat down.

Andrea Cummins My biggest concern is the people that seem to be pissed at Obama for receiving the award -- aim any emotion at the committee that voted, not the man who received it!

John Hulsey Am I the only one who imagines Bill Clinton thinking, "hey, if Kanye can do it..."?

John Hulsey Make no mistake, T. I am glad he won and I think it shines a good light on the President and this nation. I just think it would have been seen as more of a legitimate award if it came further into his term when there would be more tangible results to point to.

Jeremy Ward @Andrea- Agree 100%
@John - That's hilarious. I picture old Bill sitting there in front of his TV with his head in his hands this morning...

Debbi Sturch I don't know, John...somehow I took this more as a huge attaboy for the U.S. than as a prize for something Obama has done. I think he got the prize because he is the face of our changed foreign policy. Do I think it might have been better to do this next year? Yeah... But I also think the rest of the world wants to keep us on track:)

John Hulsey Rudy, you make a good point. Enough of the stuffy peace conferences. Bring back the tavern talks. :)

Tomarra Wagoner lol! Now i wanta beer before noon...oh great, thanks guys! If i turn into even more of an alky it`ll be on your heads ;)

Todd Rudat Say to your enemy..."Let's DO shots, not fire them!"

Debbi Sturch (and please keep in mind that I am a shallow person with no intellectual thoughts!) And I LOVE the contrast between this and bombing the moon! WTF!!

John Hulsey Debbi, I swear, I am still giggling at that. "Sure, Bush invaded two countries, but it took Obama to start a war across the galaxy!"

Tomarra Wagoner Andrea...its nothing new under tha sun. This prize really is almost always hotly contested. Although you might have a point there in that normally it`s not the awardee`s own country that gets this up in arms over it!

Andrea Cummins T -- forget this -- let's go grab that beer!!!

Tomarra Wagoner M`k!!! Brian`s over here by me makes a mean bloody mary to chase beer & late-breakfast down...& i havent eaten yet! Seriously...wanna??

John Hulsey Andrea, you and T should also get a Nobel Pizza Prize to go with those beers.

Andrea Cummins I'd have to get out of my pjs, and need to stay sober enough to pick up a friend at the airport at 5pm, but I'm definitely game! Sure beats the yogurt I've got sitting in front of me!

Tomarra Wagoner we hafta make it, or just eat tha heck out of it hmm?

John Hulsey And Andrea and Tomarra go off to enjoy a peaceful breakfast. Ahem, Prize Committee? Do you see what I did here? Where's my $1.4 million?

Andrea Cummins I don't cook -- so definitely just eat...

Tomarra Wagoner John you can have the $1.47 i got in my back pocket & i`ll fashion you the most nifty-est statuette i can from tinfoil. "You love me! You really really love me!" *gasp & tear, SallyFields-style*

I LOVE You so much Mr. Hulsey! :)

John Hulsey Keep the money, but you better believe I am gonna want that statuette. And back at ya, lady.

John Hulsey Something I was not aware of:
Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, which recognize completed scientific or literary accomplishment, the Nobel Peace Prize may be awarded to persons or organizations that are in the process of resolving a conflict or creating peace."

In the process? Yeah, I can see that, I suppose.

Russ Bowen @Debbi "I think he got the prize because he is the face of our changed foreign policy."
I agree. But I also think it's a stretch for him to receive the prize now.

Sonya Aldama Debbi S-I don't know you, but RIGHT ON sister!! You make the most sense to me! Thank you! I was in Europe in '06 and it was harsh.

Tomarra Wagoner Debbi & Sonya: i think you guys have nailed it. i dont think its really registered by a lot of americans just how much venom was felt about us by people internationally! There truly was a worldwide collective sigh of relief when we voted him into if we finally came to our senses, yah know?

John Hulsey Oh, great. Thanks a lot, Chica. It's not like Debbi isn't already in love with her own opinions. This will send her through the clouds. *laughing*

Ric Sanchez Well all I know is I got kidnapped and taken to Brian's for bloody Marys, beers and brunch! I had a great time. Thank your Nopel Peace Prize comittee!

John Hulsey So, what do Andrea, Ric and Tommie have in common with the moon? They all got bombed today! Ha, ha!

Sonya Aldama I LOVE U Ricky!! Ur the BESTEST! I had a BM for breakfast and it was fabulous! I'm on TEAM Debbi :)

Sonya Aldama Thanks Tomarra! FOR SURE baby!

Tomarra Wagoner lol...not bombed...just feelin full & foine-NAH! Life is gooo-oood :)

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