Friday, August 1, 2008

Gay & Lesbian Times - Letter To The Editor

Last week, the Gay and Lesbian Times ran this editorial:
Silent march creates a roar by Dykes on Bikes

So I wrote a Letter to the Editor... and they printed it.
Dear Editor:

I disagree with the decision to move the Dykes on Bikes. My friends felt the same, and we are not shallow people. We appreciate the message of remembering those who are not with us and we agree it is important. But ask yourself this. Why doesn’t Shelby die in the beginning of Steel Magnolias and let the rest play out in flashbacks? Because we need to be drawn in as viewers, to laugh and cheer and enjoy and commit to the movie and the characters.

That is how I feel about the parade. The Dykes on Bikes grab my attention and get me cheering and shouting. Later, when I am hooked, I stand and cry with happiness as PFLAG and the Veterans march by. I am along for the ride, the ups and the downs.In my opinion, Pride screwed up by starting with such a somber message.

John Hulsey
Cool, huh?

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