Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thoughts Worth Remembering

DEAR ABBY: What are some ways that people can improve a negative self-image, improve their self-confidence and be more positive in their interactions with other people? -- A.J. IN SALT LAKE CITY

DEAR A.J.: I'm glad you asked. Allow me to offer a few suggestions:

(1) Stop and consider what caused your negative self-image. Then begin taking positive steps to improve your body, soul and intellect.

(2) If you feel yourself reverting to a poor self-image, remind yourself of what you are doing and why.

(3) Reach out and do something for someone who is less fortunate than you are. It's a guaranteed upper.

(4) Avoid people who make themselves feel better by making others feel less so.

(5) Count your blessings every single day, and make up your mind to be happy. People are usually as happy as they are determined to be.

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