Thursday, April 12, 2007

And the latest health update...

I am no longer out of work half days. I am now out completely. Apparently, my boss and co-workers grew tired of the "come on in, hack and cough for a few hours a day" plan. Can you blame them?

After yet another visit to the doctor and a third round of drugs, I seem no closer to knowing what is going on. It's incredibly frustrating. I have an appointment with a pulmonologist tomorrow and a CT chest scan for scheduled for next week. At this point, I am stuck at home, resting full time and waiting for direction from the specialist on what next.

This is driving me crazy. My head hurts all the time from coughing so much, I cannot get a good night's sleep, and I'm sick of taking three and four different meds each day.

I want this to go away. Damn it.

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