Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Neutral Underground - An Update

Earlier, I posted an entry about my newest discovery, Neutral Underground. Well, that was then and this is now, and things have really changed. I have been asked to serve as an Administrator for the site, and I said yes. It's a great site that I have really been enjoying, so acting as Admin, while unexpected, is something that I am confident I can do well.

Here is a quick description of the site:
Neutral Underground - A political discussion forum for progressives and conservatives.

Highlights: There are a number of special purpose discussion forums for civil political discussion, general news and topical discussion, late breaking news, a members articles forum and a Fight Club forum for knock down drag out discussion between members. There are also non-political forums, covering religion and spirituality, hobbies and activities. We have a Lounge forum so active it's the envy of many other sites.

The forum management is dedicated to a very hands off management style and lean heavily on self policing by the members. They use "Community Guides" and a small anonymous mod staff to keep things running smoothly.

List of forums:
  • NU Lounge: Casual socializing in a politics free zone
  • NU Coliseum: Discussion of all sports topics in a politics free zone
  • Best/Worst of the Left: Showcases the worst of the left
  • Best/Worst of the Right: Showcases the worst of the right.
  • Fireside Chat: Civil and cordial political discussion. No raised voices in here.
  • General Discussion: Uhhh general discussion
  • Political Discussion: General political discussion
  • Breaking News: Late Breaking News stories. Threads here are displayed on our forum homepage.
  • NU Articles: Articles written by our members. Threads here are also displayed on our forum homepage.
  • Fight Club: Knock down drag out discussion on a very high energy level.
  • Lefty Lounge: Casual discussion and socializing for Progressives only.
  • Progressive Political Discussion: Political discussion for Progressives only.
  • Righty Lounge: Casual discussion and socializing for Conservatives only.
  • Conservative Political Discussion: Political discussion for Conservatives only.
Plus the usual functional forums: Ask the Forum Staff, Admin Announcements, Community Guides Lounge etc.

Neutral Underground

I encourage anyone reading Falling Into Forty to check out Neutral Underground. You will find a lot of the same types of reading there that you find on my blog - politics, personal growth, activities and fun. Stop on by, register, and list San Diego John as your referral.

Hope to see you soon!

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