Tuesday, November 20, 2012

John's Holiday Challenge

I've mentioned before that running can sometimes feel like a solitary sport. But I've also talked about my friends and running buddies who influence me and make me feel like I'm part of a bigger team of athletes. Today, I'm focusing specifically on my Ragnar Florida teammates.

One of the people who brought the team together, Katie, wrote a great blog about the value of six week challenges. It's long enough to make changes and improvements but not so long that it requires a huge commitment. Like Katie, I think that six weeks is a great length of time to take up a new challenge.

I'm also influenced by my other teammate, Jen. A couple of weeks ago, she blogged and Tweeted, "Eat Clean, Train Dirty." I loved that. It's a simple but passionate message to remind myself about the basics - eating healthy and being active.

And the rest of my team? Yeah, they're influences, too. Lealah just ran her first marathon. Rik drove 1700 miles round-trip to run with her. Linda and Allison just ran their first half-marathons. Carly ran her second. Jennifer and her husband ran their second half marathon together. Meredith ran her fifth half marathon and has signed up for her first full. Honestly, the whole team is on fire. And they inspire me to do more.

So, with that in mind, I have come up with a six week challenge to help me get ready for our Ragnar Florida Relay Race in January. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

John's Holiday Challenge
(Offered in Song)

In the Season of Splurging, I promise to me:

12 miles walking
11 hours cycling
10 5Ks running
9 circuits training
8 times weight lifting
7 days recovering 
6 weeks not drinking 
5 weeks clean eating
4 10Ks running
3 half marathons running
2 meals splurging
And the best me I can be!

It's a lot to do over six weeks, I know. But it's exactly the intense challenge I need to regain my focus, prepare for the Ragnar Relay, and start the New Year on an upward swing.

I'm in for my challenge. What are YOU doing to end 2012 on a high note?


  1. Okay, first--I totally sang that in my head.

    Second--You're crazy!! I think it's an awesome challenge, and I know you can do it.

    Third--Don't you just love our team? <3

  2. LOL! I sang that too. Wow! That's inspiration.

  3. Do you have the calendar all plotted out? I want to see that! I'll have a plan and then not have it all written out...

  4. Yep, it took me a bit to sort it all out, but I did it. I'll post the calendar today.

  5. Sang it too! It's a bit much for me but you have inspired me to devise my own challenge.

  6. Holy cow, you are awesome! (I sang it too :P)

  7. wow only you would come up with something like that john lol

  8. It is a bit nutty, right, son? But yeah, it's totally me!

  9. Thats awesome! and I too sang it lol Happy Thanksgiving:)

  10. awww, love this!!
    Im your EatClean TrainDirty girl :) xo