Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Republican Response

Pitiful. That's the only way to describe the Republican spin machine and the Bush administration. After months (years?) of hearing that the Democrats were more concerned about the terrorists, and only interested in raising taxes, and against religion, and truly godless and amoral... after all that... today, the President and his press secretary announced that the Democrats need to work with the President.

Now I agree that political gridlock is helpful to no one, and that some of the most effective, beneficial legislation comes from bipartisanship. But it's the ultimate chutzpah to spend the last election cycle attacking the Democrats, then demand they get in step with the Republicans after such a Democratic election victory.

I read that the Republican-led Congress devoted more than 100 hours of investigations to the "potential misuse of the White House Christmas card list by the Clintons, " but spent only 12 hours on hearings investigating the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Some priorities, huh?

I expect better than that sort of grandstanding from this Congress. I want Congress to actively investigate what this administration has been doing. I want to know about no-bid contracts, manufactured intelligence, and government corruption. America wants to see a House and Senate that will do something productive. We want to see results, not cheap attacks. So get after it, Democrats, and don't take marching orders from this administration.

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