Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Date Night - Post Election

Only three days into what is becoming a crazy, crazy week, Ric and I decided we definitely needed to go out on Date Night. It really is the only time that the two of us seem to have to ourselves these days.

We wandered the mall a bit, then popped into the Food Court to grab a bite to eat. We avoided everything healthy and went right to Hot Dog on a Stick. Yep, nothing like a couple of corn dogs to remind you that you skipped the gym for the evening! Still, everything tasted delicious, and sometimes that is more than enough.

After that, we headed to the theater. Ric wanted to see Flags of our Fathers, so I agreed. As it turns out, it was an incredible movie and I am so glad Ric insisted. From the previews, I thought the movie would be another Saving Private Ryan, and once is enough for that film. But I wrong. This movie was such a powerful telling of the story of the iconic image of World War II... maybe the iconic image of modern warfare.

I'm back home now, but the emotion from the movie has stayed with me. My thoughts are on the brave Marines of generations past, who fought so valiantly on the beaches of Iwo Jima. I am proud, too, that I share a link with them through the Marine Corps. I will never know the experience of war and battle that they endured, but I do know the pride of wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

Semper Fi, Marines. You truly were the Greatest Generation, and you inspire us all still today.

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