Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday, 3:00am

It's the middle of the night (morning?), and I am wide awake. I fell asleep last night somewhere around 9:30, so I am not surprised that I woke up early. But 3:00am? Sheesh.

Wide awake, middle of the night, what's a guy to do? Search the web for "3:00am" and see what I find.

Photos from Iceland, Philadelphia, and some climbers at the Grand Tetons. Supposedly, all these photos were taken at 3:00am. I would go outside and take one myself of 34th and El Cajon at 3:00am, but we already know what hookers look like, right? Why startle them with a flash?

My friend will be here in less than six hours to pick me up and take me to Liberty Station for the 10 News Get Fit 5k. You would think I would be back in bed, getting much needed sleep. But no, I am websurfing.

That's it. No more glasses of Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke before bed.

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