Thursday, October 19, 2006

Saddam and the November Surprise

Tom Engelhardt, a writer for The Nation magazine, has an analysis that is just twisted enough to be accurate. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the amazing coincidence of timing that is the mid-term US elections and the sentencing of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein's trial is scheduled to end on November 5, two days before the election. And the verdict will be immediately followed by sentencing. And if you think the all-but-certain convicton and the election are unrelated, then explain this:

That trial adjourned July 27 to allow its five-judge panel to consider a verdict. The court was to have reconvened Monday to hear a verdict.
"The Dujail trial will resume Nov. 5 when the presiding judge will announce the verdict and the sentencing," Juhi said.
Yep, the verdict should have come down months ago. But nope, it was delayed for no announced reason.

The administration is counting on this verdict to lift them - again - in the polls. The last three events that provided a spike for the GOP? The day Saddam was captured, the day of the purple fingers election, and the day Zarqawi was killed. It's hardly a stretch to assume that Saddam's conviction will provide another bump in the approval rating.

Hopefully, it won't be near enough an increase to matter. At this point, America seems to finally understand that "fear" and "my President, right or wrong" are idiotic ways to vote.

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