Thursday, October 5, 2006

Road Trip - Mono County, CA

It's October, so time once again for our Central California road trip. Each year, one of our title officers is required to record documents in Mono County, California. The area is so remote, though, that they do not have overnight delivery service. The solution? Ric and I drive the documents up and walk them through the recorder's office.

This was our 4th year going up, and we just found out that we will be doing this for another 5 years. The little town is located adjacent to the Toiyabe National Forest, where Ric spent many years working as the wilderness ranger. So for him, a trip to Bridgeport is a chance to visit his old stomping grounds. Who would pass up that opportunity?

This year was the first time to not drive Ric's jeep, and it was the first road trip ever for my new car. We definitely saved a lot of money on the gas expense using my car. We actually had to stop more to stretch our legs and move around then we did to buy gas.

It's more than 450 miles from San Diego to Bridgeport, most of it on the winding State Road 395. It takes a while to get there and get back, so we try to make the most of our trip. These photos are a quick glimpse of the road trip.

This is what the view from the road looks like. Mile after mile, hour after hour... lots of beautiful open area. It's not what you expect in California, where everything is built up. But not too far from busy Southern California, you find yourself in the middle of the desert.

Along the road are the most beautiful aspen trees. They grow together along underground water lines, and they shimmer in the fall wind. We don't often see such extreme season changes, so we definitely make time to stop and get a good look at these trees. In the pictures, the aspens can be seen in the center background.

And we stop each year at the vista overlooking Mono Lake. It's pretty enough on its own, but absolutely beautiful surrounded by the Sierra mountains.

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