Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Things

Inspired by 6 Random Things by Christine Kane, I am posting my own random musings today.

Random food thought
Chocolate chip bagels sound good, but trying to eat one without getting chocolate all over your hands is more difficult than it is worth. And no particular cream cheese really tastes right with it. Plain? Chives? No, I have decided that this is a bagel flavor that is not really needed.

Random song list
There are some songs that I can listen to over and over and over. Literally.
  • Come Around, Kim Richey
  • At Seventeen, Janis Ian
  • Remember The Tinman, Tracy Chapman
  • A Little Bit of Snow, Howard Jones
  • Here It Goes Again, E.G. Daily
  • I Knew You When, Oleta Adams
  • Trench, Morgan Clamp
Random thought about movies
I watch previews, and I think, "ooh, that looks good," but I really don't see many movies at the theater. And I haven't rented much lately, either. It's the rare movie that interests me enough to pay to see it.

Random memory
On a layover between Hawaii and Korea, 1987, walking along the beach on Wake Island, imagining the horror of war that had once blanketed such a beautiful setting. I could almost feel the ghosts of history surrounding me as I wandered along the sand. I've never forgotten that feeling nor that place.

Random joke (stolen from Jack Dee, BBC)
Can you say these four words out loud - whale, oil, beef, hooked - without sounding like an Irishman swearing? (Go ahead. You know you want to say it aloud.)

Random fear
I fear living without my husband. Our lives are so integrated, so intertwined, that nothing in my world would be untouched by his absence.

Random hope for the day
I hope to spend some time today outside, in the warm sun, feeling good. I want to have at least one moment where I am thinking of nothing but how lucky I am to be me. That would be a good thought and a great way to spend some of my time.

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