Saturday, October 14, 2006

Not ready. Not even close.

Our roommate, Grant, retired recently from the Navy after 20 years. This weekend is our official "Congrats, Grant!" celebration, to include a formal dinner party this evening for 25 people, a breakfast brunch tomorrow, and an afternoon of beer and barbeque tomorrow afternoon.

As is Ric's way, there is nothing about this weekend celebration that is small or understated. He has spent the last two weeks running new overhead lighting in the backyard, to illuminate the tables for the dinner party. We have also been working like crazy doing general yard work and cleanup. And there is nothing glamorous about weeding, mowing, and clearing. Ack. Still, I have to admit that it looks incredible. And after having a wasteland for a backyard for so many years, I do appreciate when we put the effort into our new landscaped yard.

The dinner is this afternoon at 5:30, but guests will be showing up as early as 4:00. Now I am starting to stress out. The plan is to eat dinner in the backyard, and right now it is completely soaked. Yep, it rained last night. And it really, really rained. And the forecast calls for 30-40% chance of more rain. I doubt it will rain during the event itself, but it still takes a while for the yard to dry out. And since this is a semi-formal event, with gents in suits and ties and ladies in dresses, I worry about people dragging themselves through the water and muck of the grass.

And if it is too wet to eat back there, I am not sure what we are going to do. We can't afford to take everyone out to a restaurant, since we dropped $700 at the grocery store last night. We are definitely eating prime rib here at the house. But if not outside, then where? Where the heck are we supposed to seat 25+ people inside our house?

And the rain later today is not the only worry. We still have so much to do around the house to get ready. We still have to clean the house, get the food started in the kitchen, and finish clearing the side patio and staging chairs, beverage stations, and tables for appetizers.

Did I mention that the side patio is covered with water, too? Oh, yeah. It makes for a great looking photograph, but the reality is that everything outside is drenched. My plan to hide it all in the garage just got a lot yuckier.

Well, so be it. I need to get moving. I am confident the weekend will work itself out, but there is much to be done if it is to all turn out as Ric hopes.

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