Friday, October 6, 2006

Measuring Success

I have been weight training for two months, and I am getting stronger every day. My first day, Aug 8th, my total weight lift was 14,490 pounds. This morning, my lift total was 38,813 pounds.

But to best illustrate my progress. Oh, sure, the analytical types out there are satisfied with the information already presented. 38,813 pounds now compared to 14,490 pounds then... an improvement of 24,323 pounds or a 267.86% increase.

Not everyone is numbers-oriented. Some people appreciate visual information. For them, I have other ways.

First, for my military minded buddies, I give you my before and after photos. On my first day, I lifted the equivalent of a Daisy Cutter bomb. Today, I lifted the equivalent of a C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Of course, not everyone can appreciate that sort of comparison. So for my non-military friends, I give you this. On my first day, I lifted the equivalent of fifty-eight thousand newborn kittens. Today, I lifted the equivalent of 777 bales of hay.

So, however you look at it, I was lifting very little and now I am lifting more. And as the months pass, I expect to continue to improve. Watch this blog for more bomb/plane/kitten/hay updates.

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