Monday, October 16, 2006

Karaoke - Japanese word meaning "tone deaf"

So we had enjoyed dinner, stuffed ourselves with cheesecake, and drank way too many cocktails and glasses of sangria. Where could the party go from there? Yep. Karaoke.

We wandered across the street to our neighborhood pub, Crickets, and did our best versions of Sweet Home Alabama, Harper Valley PTA, Summer Nights, and anything else they put on. We weren't always on key, or with the music, or even singing the right words, but we definitely had fun.

Here I am singing, and Brandy is doing her best "fly girl" impression.

And here I am with all my backup singers!

Brooks and Nate singing. And yes, they sounded just like they look.

Nate and Ric, sitting as far from the singing as they could.

Ric and Brandy.

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