Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here it comes, right on schedule.

Remember the days and weeks before the 2004 election, when it seemed that we were under constant attack as a nation? The terror alerts seemed non-stop. But after the election, they just seemed to go away. For months and months, nothing.

Now, three weeks before the 2006 election, the terror alerts are on their way again. Today, despite the fact that "no credible evidence" has been found to support the threats, we are hearing about a plot to
detonate dirty bombs at seven NFL stadiums this upcoming Sunday.

It's like an old song that they never tire of playing. Make the people dance to your tune of fear, and they will continue to do your bidding. I, for one, am done with this.

Do I believe there are those who would harm this country? Absolutely. But I will not have my chain yanked by this administration every time they need to jump up a few points in a poll.

And the critics say, " the government and the Department of Homeland Security are downplaying the threats. If they were going for fear, they would play them up." No, that is not right. If you continually scream "fire" and there is not one, you will certainly have to answer for it later. But you can issue endless warnings about the dangers of fire, to the point that it is all people can think about. And thus the fear stays alive and in control.

This time, I will not be afraid.

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