Sunday, October 29, 2006

Get Fit 5k - Liberty Station

Saturday was the Get Fit 5k, a run through the newly renovated Liberty Station. It used to be Naval Training Center San Diego, but is now a mixed use facility - retail, commercial and residential.

The run was sponsored by Channel 10 News, and I ran with their team. Thank you to my friend, John Williamson, for getting me signed up and making sure I was able to run as part of the team. I even met Carol LeBeau, 10 News anchor. She was really cool, very friendly and nice to everyone that wanted to meet her, and she is in incredible shape. That woman can run!

And now the results. I ran with my Garmin GPS, and the race was long. I measured it at 3.23 miles, instead of 3.1 miles. And my record-setting times? 26:29 for the total run, and 25:42 at the actual 5k mark. And I finished in the top 200 of over 3000 runners. I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself right now!

Here I am running in the event. That's Carol LeBeau just behind me.
And this is the Channel 10 News Team... plus me!

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