Friday, October 20, 2006

Fuck you and your stupid yellow magnet.

Living in San Diego, you would think this would be a great military town. And it is. At least it looks that way. But scratch the surface, and you find a different story. Here, I am surrounded by bumper stickers and magnets and t-shirts and flags that all tell me to "support our troops." That all sounds good, but the truth is that it's all empty talk and useless cheerleading.

Newsflash! Our troops can't eat magnets, and they can't house their family in a bumper sticker, and they can't dress their children in flags. They need less cheap talk and more money. They need what they deserve. There is something so terribly wrong in this country when our active duty servicemen and women are unable to take care of their own families.

We don't need another multi-billion dollar missile defense system, either. We need increased military funding for armor and shelter and hospitals and veterans' healthcare. We need increased monthly pay for our servicemen and women so they don't have to depend on welfare and handouts. Check this story out from last week: Many military families rely on donated goods

Today, the IAVA released a report showing how our Representatives and Senators are doing when it comes to supporting the troops. They detail how everyone voted on all issues specifically related to the support and care of our Armed Forces. Check your representatives' IAVA Congressional Rating at

Find out what is happening in your area. Do something to help the troops... really, really help them. And call your elected representatives and tell them to stop taking advantage of the bravest amongst us.

And a word of warning. If I see you driving around with a "Support The Troops" magnet, and I stop and ask you what exactly you are doing to support them, you damn well better have an answer.

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