Monday, October 23, 2006

Doom and Gloom

I've been tired. I've been in a bad mood. But it's getting worse. I can feel myself slipping into a place where everyone and everything bothers me. I don't want to see or talk to anyone, and I don't want to go to work. I just want to stay home and hide out. But that's not really going to be possible. I have to work, and I have to interact with people, and I know enough to realize that this is a bad situation that can only get worse on its own.

Today's plan is to shake this crappy attitude I am carrying around. It's starting to make me crazy. All I really want to do is sleep. I'm not sure if it's clinical depression, but it certainly is depressing enough for me.

After a ten day break, I am heading back this morning to the gym. In fact, I am heading there now for weight training, then will go back after work for an hour of cardio.

Nothing like a good sweat to shake up the funky mind, right?

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