Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Desperate Hypocrites

Does anyone remember when Al Qaeda videos were aired on Al Jazeera television? National news media picked those stories up and reported them on American television. They aired bits and pieces of the terrorist videos, trying to report the story without actually showing the terrrorist video in its entirety.

Regardless of the effort, though, the media was critized by right wing talk radio and columnists for promoting the terrorists, giving them the attention they wanted, and acting as their voice here in America. But what are we to think of the new commercial created by the Republican National Committee? It's basically a "greatest hits" of the terrorist videos of threats against those who would oppose them, supposedly to reinforce the message that only the Republicans can protect America from an act of terror.

Personally, I think it just reminds America that we have still NOT captured Osama bin Ladin. And I find it bizarre that Osama is the highlight of the ad, to show America how scary and awful he is, when our own President has been quoted as saying, "I'm not really that concerned about him."

But I digress. Am I to assume that the same right wing machine will be going after the RNC today? As if. When the media reports the videos airing on Al Jazeera, they are accused of promoting the terrorists. But when the Republicans air a montage of terrorist videos, they are not. See how life works in the up-is-down, black-is-white world we live in?

There are several great summaries of this story on the web, including this from Taylor Marsh. This is just a bit of it:
So what to make of the fact that the Republican National Committee has produced its own al-Qaeda video. This is not just a video which suggests that Republicans will be better at fighting terror. It actually very closely resembles real al-Qaeda videos.

... the Republican National Committee has financed, produced, distributed on the internet, and aired on US television what is for all intents and purposes an al-Qaeda recruitment video. The video, if it works as intended, will frighten the American people and influence American politics... just like al-Qaeda's own videos. Bin Laden couldn't be prouder, or more grateful, especially since it didn't cost him a thing.

Campaign ads and recruitment videos

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