Thursday, October 5, 2006

Date Night - Hillcrest

Last night was Date Night, but after a long drive home from Bridgeport, we were both pretty wiped out. We decided to go into Hillcrest, walk around a bit to stretch our legs, and grab dinner at the first place that caught our attention.

Well, the first thing that caught our attention was the city block surrounded by police and the 40' fountain of water gushing into the sky. A tow truck ran over a fire hydrant, and the water flooded nearby businesses and threatened to collapse the roof. I wish I had brought my own camera, as still photos don't capture the power of that much water.

After that excitement, we made a quick stop at Buffalo Exchange for some shopping, then we wandered into Alexi's Greek Cafe for dinner. It was a simple, low-key Date Night, but we enjoyed the time together.

Next week, though, I think we may have to plan something special.

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