Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Date Night - The Gym?

Tonight was an odd sort of Date Night.

Back in August, Ric created a full body workout program for me for my weight training. But he had not been with me since to see how I was doing. We decided tonight that I would work out with Ric watching, so he could check out the form on each of the exercises. All and all, I was doing pretty good. Ric gave me a few pointers - keep my elbows up when doing the pectoral fly machine, don't bend my elbows or wrists on the lateral pull-downs - but for the most part I was on target.

Ric worked out a bit, too, though he was mostly there to help me train.

After working out, I was planning to take Ric out to dinner. But he had a better idea. "How about we swing by the store, grab some steaks, and go home and have a private dinner together?" he asked, and how could I say no? Ric is an incredible cook, so I was all for dinner at home.

Now, with the kitchen clean and everything put away, Ric and I are going to retire to the back patio and enjoy the beautiful night. It may not be a wild night on the town, but sometimes the best thing to do is spend quiet time together, at home, away from the world.

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