Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday was the Armed Services YMCA Mud Run at Camp Pendleton, and it was just about the perfect event on the perfect day. We brought along two disposable cameras, so we were able to get some fun pictures along the course.

Here we are, all bright and shiny and pretty. Pretty daring of me to wear white on a mud run, right? No worries. I can always buy a new shirt after the race.

With 3,500 people running, the first half mile or so is always a bit packed. This is the group ahead of us.

And the first obstacle -the firehoses!

Me and Austin, finding our pace.

"Go, Joe!" was our motto, chant and prime motivator. I lost count of the people who cheered along with us during the race. No wonder Joe had such a fantastic run time!

Starting up Suicide Hill.

Heading towards Combat Town.

The Tower atop the hill.

Fording the stream.

Joe in the mud pit.

Me in the mud pit.

We're in the middle of the photo, scaling the wall.

The river crossing - about 200 yards of cold water!

Robby in the river.

Austin, Joe and me in the river. Brrr. It was cold.

Me and Austin, crawling through the tunnels.

Making our way up Slippery Hill.

Slogging through the last mud pit.

Joe crawling out of the pit. (I'm on the left.)

And here we are at the finish. Not so pretty, but feeling great!

I can hardly wait until June for the next Mud Run!

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