Wednesday, September 6, 2006


(This entry definitely should have a language warning. But we’re all adults here, and it’s silly to discuss profanity and not be mature enough to say the words.)

Not gossiping is a good thing. And while I am at it, there are other things I want to change, too. I swear a lot. And not just when I am mad, either. I swear because I can. And because I am lazy. I know that I am capable of expressing myself eloquently and emphatically without swearing. I mean, why say that something is “cool as shit” when that doesn’t even make sense? Or say “fuck that” to something I don’t like? It’s not like I actually intend to have sex with some inanimate object, idiotic person, or abstract concept.

I have found great resources on the web to help with swearing. Would you believe there is a consultant who created the Cuss Control Academy? Good for him. He recognized a need in the workplace and in personal lives for people to exercise greater control over their words, and he is now making a living helping them. At his website, I found two great articles – What’s Wrong With Swearing? and Ten Tips for Taming Your Tongue.

I am hardly turning into a goody-two-shoes. And I am not pretending to be superior or holier-than-thou. I just think my actions and words should reflect the person I am inside, and gossiping and swearing don’t do that.

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