Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surrounded by Beauty

Maybe it's the gay thing. Maybe it's that I'm so darn charming and fun. Who knows? I'm not sure exactly how I get so lucky, to be so often surrounded by beautiful women. I just know that the friends I have make my life so much more interesting.

This is my friend Brandy and I, celebrating my birthday in January 2005. She even loved me when I was fat. Now that's a great friend.

Of course, being out with Brandy and our other friend Buck was certainly a motivating factor in my decision to get back in shape. You try standing next to these two. Argh!

And Brandy was there again to celebrate my graduation from college. (I was the commencement speaker, too. Not bad, eh?) Pictured with us is my other friend, Sonya. She is as smart and fun as she is sexy. Some women really do have it all!

And another picture with Sonya, at the Mud Run last June. What's not hot about a sexy woman who likes draft beer?

Brandy again. That chick can stop traffic... in a good way!

And I am happy to say that the world is full of beautiful women, and I am lucky to count so many of them as my friends. I'm definitely gay, but who doesn't love looking at hot blonde chicks?

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