Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I saw the picture below earlier today, but it was just now that I posted it to the blog that I really, really looked at it. I had no idea how much of me is captured in that photo.
  1. I usually drink a Double Gulp of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper each day.
  2. This painting is by an artist named John Hulsey. He painted it for me after I gave him the domain www.johnhulsey.com. (Come on. It's not like I was using it.)
  3. My Mom sent me the "Follow Your Dreams" card months ago, and I still have it on my desk right in front of me.
  4. My desktop speaker. I have music playing every moment I am in the office.
  5. A framed collage of pictures of me from my Marine Corps days.
  6. A Firemen of New York Calendar. "Gee, is this guy gay?"
  7. My degree from University of Phoenix
  8. Ric made that HUGE clay mug for me, and painted it with the scuba diving flag.
  9. A picture of me skydiving.
  10. I drink water all day long from the Extreme Gulp cup.
  11. And I am a "stacker." I move files from pile to pile all day, trying to organize them... but really, just putting off the inevitable work I will have to do to them.
  12. Google image search results on my monitor. I am always Googling something. (Sorry, Andrea, but Yahoo search just feels unfamiliar to me.)

Wow. Interesting how much of the person I am is right there on display everyday to anyone who takes the time to notice.

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