Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Toy

Selling my Malibu also meant giving up my in-car XM Radio, so it was back to Best Buy last night to fix that. I checked out the "installed in the car" versions, but I wasn't sure that was the best way to go. And then, gleaming all shiny and new on a display rack, I saw my new toy.

I bought the new Pioneer Inno. It is a gadget deluxe - a portable XM radio that also records music from XM and stores offline MP3 files, too. In other words, no matter how I want to listen to music, I can. Because it is portable, I can move it from the house to the car to the office to the gym... anywhere I want!

One of the cool features? It has a 10 minute buffer. That means that I can hear a song playing on XM, decide I like it and want to record it, press RECORD, and the player will automatically go back and record the entire song - even what already played - up to 10 minutes back. Sweet, indeed!

For all the gear heads that might be reading my blog (Hi, Timmy!), here is a link to a review available online.

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