Wednesday, September 6, 2006

How-To Websites

There are three cool websites that I love to visit, so I thought I would recommend them to other people. They each offer "how to" advice on everything from making apple pie to building a radio to understanding Zulu time.

Be warned, though. Each of these sites is a great way to lose several hours of productive time!

How Stuff Works
HowStuffWorks is the leading source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. Founded by North Carolina State University Professor Marshall Brain in 1998, the site has since grown to be an award-winning online resource for millions of people of all ages. From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells, and thousands of subjects in between, HowStuffWorks has it covered. No topic is too big or too small for our expert editorial staff to unmask...or for you to understand. In addition to comprehensive articles, our helpful graphics and informative videos walk you through every topic clearly, simply and objectively.

wikiHow is a collaborative writing project aiming to build the world's largest how-to manual. Our mission is to provide free and useful instructions to help people solve the problems of everyday life. As of this minute, wikiHow contains 11,212 articles. New articles are created every day and the existing articles are gradually improved by volunteer contributors. In time we envision this huge how to manual providing free, unbiased, accurate instructions on almost every topic imaginable.

eHow is the world's most widely read how to manual. Every month over 4 million people visit eHow to learn how to do something. With hundreds of thousands of pages of advice, eHow offers staff-written, reviewed and edited step-by-step solutions. Every eHow is clear, concise, and accurate. So whether you are learning how to tie a tie, build a deck, kiss on a date, train your dog to heel, ollie on a skateboard, lose weight, negotiate a raise, or even throw a curveball - eHow can help you.

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