Friday, September 22, 2006

Go, Red, Go!

I have mentioned this before, but I am so proud of it that I will say it again. Ric made the coolest webpage for me: Go, Red! Go! This is where he is helping me with my physical fitness goals by tracking my progress.

And one thing I just noticed today, looking at the page... I see that I am now halfway between my lowest weight (150 in the Marine Corps) and my highest weight (218 in January 2005). It's really encouraging to know that, while it took me seventeen years to put all that weight on, it has only taken me less than one year to lose half of it.

Thank you, Ric, for the great webpage. It totally makes up for all of the late night cheese turnovers you make for me. And to be fair, he tries to sneak into the kitchen and cook for himself, but give me a break. The smell of cheese cooking on the stove wafts through the house, and I am powerless to resist. So, I let myself enjoy a late night snack from time to time. No one's perfect!

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