Thursday, September 7, 2006

Date Night - Biking

Last night was Date Night, and Ric and I decided to explore Balboa Park by bicycle. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and we had a great time riding all over the park. For someone who does not enjoy cardio activity, Ric was a good sport about the adventure. We rode along the Prado, down past the fountain, by the museums and the theaters, across the bridge and along the length of the park. Ric also agreed to a fancy dinner along the way - Weinerschnitzel!

It was a great evening, and I love my new bike. But I do make a promise to Ric, that next week's Date Night will not involve any sort of workout. Sometimes being lazy is a good way to spend time, too.

I had to get a picture of my new car, and the new bike racks are so easy to use.

This is me. I think I will put this picture up on my AIDS Life/Cycle page, so people can see my snazzy new bike.

And this is Ric, showing off his cool mountain bike.

Ric, again, near the Aerospace Museum.

This is the beautiful view of downtown from the South end of the Park.

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