Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another look at White Trash

I know this is posted out of order, but I just had to add a few more photos from the White Trash party on Saturday.

Here I am, drinking a PBR Martini. It is made with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Old Bay seasoning, then garnished with olives and a chicken wing. Yep, it is just as horrid in person as it looks in the picture.

And here is the birthday boy, Brooks, and his friend, John. You may recognize John as the arresting cop in the video I posted earlier on the blog. John was a good sport about the whole day, and he even danced a bit with the group when I sang Sweet Home Alabama at the bar.

And here is Ric, helping AJ fix a rip in his shorts with duct tape. Now that is white trash!

And here is Greg. He worked Saturday and started partying later, but all the shots at the bar helped him catch up.

And by the end of the night, my friend Timmy was done. He had switched to water early in the evening, and I think he was just tired of dealing with all the rest of us.

Happy Birthday, Bubba. This is definitely a 30th birthday party for the record books!

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