Tuesday, September 19, 2006

After all that... this.

I posted photos of different hair cuts here on my blog. I asked friends and family for their opinions. I went to the salon across the street, had my "consultation" with the hairstylist, and I paid for a nice haircut. I even made an appointment for two weeks later to have my hair cut again.

As it turns out, all of that was for nothing. This morning, halfway through my workout, I knew that longer hair was not going to work for me right now. I was so hot, sweating like crazy, and all I could think was how much worse it was going to be as my hair gets longer.

So, I went right home, woke Ric up, and told him to give me a buzz cut. Yep. A buzz cut. So here it is… the new me. (At least for a while.)

Here are the before and after pics...

And a pic taken during the haircut...

And a better shot of the final look!

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