Sunday, August 13, 2006

The History of John, Part IV

Because of the previously mentioned Marine appearing back in my life, I am now obligated to write a “Where Have I Been?” email. You know the one I mean… the long, rambling letter wherein I attempt to recap the last twenty years of my life. Well, since this blog is all about my journey to 40, it seems only fitting that I write it here as a blog entry.

And why the title? Because I have divided my life into four sections: childhood, adolescence, the Marine Corps, and my life since the Corps. In fact, I have decided that Part V begins with my 40th birthday. So, this is Part IV. At some point, I will go back and write the other three sections, but this is a start. And thanks, Tony, for giving me a good reason to write this!

For those of you reading my blog who like to skim, here is the condensed version of the last eighteen years:

1989-1990/Hawaii/Lane/Crazy Shirts
1990-1991/San Diego/Lane/Crazy Shirts
1991-1993/Mobile, AL/Lane/Complete Health (HMO)
1993–1996/Mobile, AL/Rusty/Patco, Inc.

1996–1997/San Diego/Mark/AIDS Foundation
1997–1999/San Diego/Ric/Bank of Commerce
1999–2000/Dallas/Ric/Sterling Commerce, IBM
2001–2003/San Diego/Ric/ASH (HMO)
2003–2006/San Diego/Ric/LandAmerica

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