Monday, August 7, 2006

My wonderful husband, Ric

Everyone knows Ric. So everyone already knows how wonderful he is. But sometimes, he does things that even catch me by surprise.

Saturday afternoon, I joined 48 other friends to watch Wicked. While we were there, enjoying the show, Ric was running around town like a madman. He stopped at Party City, Michael's, and San Diego Florist Supply. He bought poster board, paint, balloons, crepe paper, garden stakes, and assorted other craft supplies. He had to work fast, since he was picking my cousin up at the airport at 5pm. By the time we returned home from the theater, we walked in to find the dining room full of decorations. He had everything we could possibly use to welcome the boys home.

I know how wonderful my husband is. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful to have him in my life. But things like this - so surprising and unexpected - are reminders to me of what a fantastic person he is.

I love you, mister.

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