Saturday, August 5, 2006


As most of my friends can tell you, when I find something I like, I have to make sure everyone knows about it. (See the previous post about Wicked, for example.) Now, though, my attention is on a website called iTrain. The site offers mp3 downloads - for a subscription rate or a "per file" charge.

According to iTrain, with an MP3 player you can now download customized workouts with a personal trainer. The downloads are set to music and combines modern technology, entertainment, and health in a portable format. It doesn't matter what kind of workout you enjoy, iTrain seems to offer a program. There is iTread, iCycle, iClimb, iStrength, iSculpt Traditional and iSculpt Ballet, iStretch, iTeenTrain Hip Hop, iTeenTrain Kick Boxing.

The programs are 20-70 minutes, and they include several different songs, depending on the pace required, and continual coaching from the trainer. The iTread programs, for example, tell me when to adjust my speed and/or my incline, so I get a great workout with interval training.

Anything that helps me get to the gym and workout is a good thing. With these programs, I feel I am getting more out of each session. I am hooked.

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