Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Command Performance

When I started writing this blog last October, I really meant for it to be a record for myself. I have tried all kinds of ways to keep a journal, but I always lose interest after a few weeks. A blog was my last attempt. What I found right away was how easy it is to maintain. The other thing I fell in love with is the ability to post photos and hyperlinks. The blog is a journal, diary, and scrapbook all in one. In other words, it is the perfect medium for me!

Soon after I started writing, I began to share specific entries with people. Maybe I posted pictures from an event and wanted to share them with the other people in the photos. Sometimes, a friend and I were discussing a particular item that I had already blogged about, and I forwarded them the link. For whatever reason, people began to read my blog. I’m flattered. I love that people take time out of their days to keep up with my life.

But with an audience comes obligation. My Mother tells me that the first thing she does every morning when she logs on to her computer is check my blog. (Actually, she says she checks my “bloggle,” but I have learned there is no correcting my Mom when she has a word stuck in her mind.) My friend in Atlanta, Andrea, leaves me voice mail that says, “I’m tired of reading old stuff. Update your blog!” And today, my co-worker Esther sent an instant message to Ric, telling him to make sure I posted something new to my blog, as she needed something fun to read at the front desk.

So it seems that I have a fan club…. of three people. That’s good enough for me. To them, and anyone else who is reading this, I promise to stay timely with my blog postings. I don’t have enough of an audience to alienate even one of you, so I will keep writing to make you happy.

Now, back to work, all of you…

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