Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BodyWorks and UrbanBody

And while I’m at it, I never have given a “shout out” to the two gyms where I work out.

Downtown, and near my office, is BodyWorks. They are conveniently close, have the best treadmills, and are my gym of choice during the day. I can stop by during lunch or right after work, and getting there is as easy as crossing the street. They also have a second floor window view and a great relationship with the Nutrimart downstairs.

Closer to home is UrbanBody. Located in North Park, they are my gym of choice for early morning workouts. Very gay friendly, they have top-of-the-line exercise bicycles, plenty of machines, and a full juice and smoothie bar. (And did I mention the hottest men work out here?)

There are differences between the two gyms. But more importantly are the things they have in common. First, they both offer classes to help anyone working out see more results. Second, they are both clean, safe, comfortable places to work out. Third, and most important, the people at both gyms are incredible. Not just “hello, pass card please” friendly. I mean, big smiles and encouraging words friendly. The employees at both places recognize me when I come in – by face, if not by name – and always offer a sincere greeting that makes me feel welcome. After experiencing the anonymity of big corporate gyms, I really appreciate feeling like I am a real member of a gym, not just a number.

So, if you are around San Diego and looking to start working out, you can’t go wrong with either gym.

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