Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Another Friday night...

Friday afternoon... workday coming to an end... and the emails begin.

So, what are you doing after work? Want to get together for drinks?

What could I say? My friends - whom I shall refer to as B-Squared - were inviting me out on the town, and I was definitely up for a fun evening. We met a bit later than our usual time, but it all worked out perfectly. B-Squared had dinner out, and by the time they arrived to pick me up, Greg was home from work and ready to join us.

Our original plan was to go to Bourbon Street, but the line was around the corner and we were NOT looking to be part of that. Instead, we headed to our old stand-by, Flicks. And what a great time we had. We met lots of new people in town for Pride Weekend, we threw darts, and we drank lots of pear cider. By the time Nate and Bridgette arrived from Phoenix, we were enjoying the cool night air on the outdoor patio.

Finally, we made our way back to my neighborhood stomping grounds and wandered into Crickets. It was pretty packed, including an incredibly drunk Marine in the bar with his wife and buddies. It was late, and by the time I sang Sweet Home Alabama, it was nearly last call. Good thing for our new Marine buddy, because he chose that moment to fall off his barstool, landing on his back on the floor. Yep, cut that one off, because he is done, done, done.

So, another Friday night and the people are dancing, singing, drunk, crazy, or some combination thereof. Man, I do love this town.

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