Friday, August 18, 2006

AIDS Life/Cycle - And so it begins.

I received my login information this morning from the AIDS Life/Cycle organization, and I am off and running. I have three specific challenges.
  1. Raise at least $2,500 dollars
  2. Train to ride a bicycle for nearly 600 miles over seven days
  3. Convince anyone possible to ride with me.

Sounds easy, right? The first task is to raise the money. Until I have, I will be using every method possible to get the word out.

Right now, anyone reading this has the opportunity to be my FIRST donor. How cool is that? Yes, you can be the first friend/family member/random stranger to help me meet my fundraising goal. Just click here - - and donate $2,500. (Well, maybe not the whole amount, but every single dollar is appreciated!)

I can do this with your help.

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