Wednesday, July 5, 2006

My Friend, Greg

One advantage of getting older is that there are countless opportunities to connect with people from the past. Tonight was just such an opportunity.

To me, at the wise old age of 20, Greg was just about the coolest person ever. He was young and sexy and edgy in a way I knew I would never be. Think Richie Cunningham meets The Fonz. Okay, now ignore that reference to Happy Days, because we met in the Marine Corps in 1986. But we connected, he and I. Despite our differences - or perhaps because of them? - he and I hit it off. As it turns out, we both made each other feel smarter and just a bit better than those around us. And of course, he also introduced me to Everything But The Girl and Henry Rollins, so how could he not be cool?

Fast forward to tonight, when I enjoyed an hour long phone conversation with Greg that seemed to fly by in a moment. Talking to him now felt comfortable, like we have not been apart for all of these years. (I know that is incredibly cliche', but it's true.) He is living too far away from me - Lincoln, Nebraska - but he is doing well. Hearing that was the best thing about the phone call tonight.

And to Greg, I say this. I have missed you, my friend. I look forward to having you back in my life.

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