Saturday, July 22, 2006

Date Night - Dive Night

Over the last month, Ric and I have started having a "Date Night" once a week. Each Wednesday night, we schedule time for just the two of us. We have gone to dinner, wandered around shopping, or just hung out. But it is our time to be together, just the two of us.

Well, this week we made an exception. We still had date night, but it was also dive night. During the summer, our dive shop has a weekly night dive. They bring barbeque or pizza, catch up with each other, and end the evening with a great dive. Ric and I decided to join them this week, even though it meant involving other people on our date night.

Wow. What a dive. The weather is beautiful, the water was as calm as a lake, and the skies were clear and full of stars. What a great way to dive, huh? We spend about 30 minutes diving, but at 106' below the surface, air tends to burn away pretty quickly.

Thanks, Joe and Katy, for hosting the Dive Night. We will definitely join you again next month!

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