Friday, July 21, 2006

Channel Islands - Boat Life

And some photos from the boat.

First, this one, showing what was an everyday occurrence. While the Captain was moving the boat to our first morning dive spot, we enjoyed a great breakfast, coffee, and a lot of "did you see what I saw yesterday on the dive?" conversation.

After breakfast, we would make our way outside, where we could get into our wetsuits and our gear and get ready to dive. In this picture, Austin and Vitaly are preparing for the dive.

Normally, entering the water is easy. Go to the side of the boat, jump in, signal "OK" to the Dive Master, and descend. But with the current running strong, we had to make a bow entry. That means we went in from the front of the boat, at the dive line. The Dive Master said, "just get in and descend... I will watch and know that you made it in okay." In this picture, you can see Greg at the line and me jumping in.

Later, when the crew had all the divers safely back aboard the boat, they broke out the fishing rods and worked to catch their own dinner.

And this was the view at night. Incredible, eh?

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