Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Liberal Media?

Time and time again, we all keep hearing about the Liberal Media. You know, the one that hates the President and Republicans and anything Conservative. Conventional Wisdom says that the media are part of the problem, refusing to report on the good news out of Iraq and solely focusing on the bad.

Funny thing about that conventional wisdom, though. It is wrong. Completely and totally wrong. And we have yet another perfect example.

Last week, the press nearly fell over itself praising the President for going to Iraq and parroting his optimism about the conditions there. They devoted news segments to his “bounce in the polls,” but the fact is he is still below 38% approval rating. One or two points at that level can hardly be considered a “bounce.”

More than that, the pro-Bush, pro-Republican media has been noticeably silent about the Embassy Memo. Sent just days before the President’s “cheerleader” visit to Baghdad, the memo described a remarkably different situation on the ground. Our American Ambassador wrote to the Secretary of State of “increasing danger and hardship.” In fact, the title of the memo is “Snapshots from the Office –Public Affairs Staff Show Strains of Social Discord.”

The details of the memo are bad enough – references to abductions, threats to women’s rights, and charges of ethnic cleansing – but I am more disturbed by the silence of the media’s reaction. This memo was written in Iraq by the President’s own people, not Democrats or other Liberals with their own agenda. And if the President’s own people think the situation is bad and getting worse, I think that is important enough to report to the American people.

Liberal Media? Yeah, right.

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