Saturday, June 3, 2006

Off and Running

Wow. How different things are for me now? Before, say back before October, I was barely physically active. Now, every weekend is filling up with running, biking or diving events. Not only that, but I am determined to drag my friends along for the fun.

So, what's on the schedule?
  • Today, diving at the Shores, then biking around Coronado Bay
  • June 11th, Camp Pendleton Mud Run (outdoor 10k)
  • June 17th, bicyling with Brenda in Riverside
  • June 18th, Coronado Beach Run (8.2 miles)
  • July 29th, San Diego Pride Run (5k)
  • Aug 6th, Muddy Buddy in Austin (outdoor 10k)
  • Aug 22nd, Imperial Beach Duathlon (bike/run)

And of course, I keep adding things, so it looks like a busy summer, indeed!

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