Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of Flag Burning, Politicians, and Troops Dying

Yesterday, Senator Hatch (R-UT) said that there was nothing the Senate could be doing that was more important than banning flag burning. What planet does that guy live on? Personally, finding a solution to the Iraq War debacle or the Homeless Problem would seem a bit more pressing. In fact, it took me all of two minutes and Google search to find far more important things for the Senate to be discussing. Check this out from David Sirota:

The U.S. Congress and cynical pundits and political operatives in Washington are polluting our country's political discourse with a debate over flag burning at the very same time that:

We all know that the Republican Party in general and this administration in particular are struggling right now. The list of troubles is long – the war, gas prices, the economy, endless stories of corruption – and they are doing everything they can to divert attention. But please, give me a break. Flag burning and gay marriage are the most important issues of the day? Hardly.

I know why Senator Hatch and others want to talk about flags. It gives them a chance to sound patriotic. Fine. Let them have their moments of bluster. But that does not mean that our news media have to cover them.

And if your local channel cannot think of one thing going on yesterday more important than the charade on the Senate floor, I suggest they read this. Certainly the news of 4 US troops killed in Iraq should be more news-worthy. I would rather read more about these honorable and brave men who died in service to our country than to hear politicians who do little more than talk.

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